Forum: µC & Digital Electronics Atmel ICE Basic debugging error

von Youlin G. (Company: TU München) (youlingao)

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Hello everyone!

I tested with the new Atmel ICE Basic with my device and after press the 
debugging button. It starts writing and stops at 95% "Loading symbol 

Then an error box pop out saying "Failed to launch program", "Failed to 

Does anyone know where the problem lies?
Many thanks!!!

von Harper B. (harper)

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That's an old post. But I answer because it may help others who find 
this question by  web search...

You should check that the RESET line is not active (low).

If you have an ISP interface connected to a programmer or another 
microcontroller that can act as programmer, it will hold the RESET line 
active to allow programming. The JTAG debugger is not able to start the 
AVR and reports "Failed to leave progmode" under this condition.

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