Forum: µC & Digital Electronics reading 24bit with I2S on nucleo stm32f411re

von Mike (Guest)

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I am new to microcontroller programming. I am trying to read a digital 
microphone with a 24bit i2s interface. My problem is that the results I 
get are just uint16_t thus I loose some bits.
I'm using st cube and HAL. The api documentation is:
  * @brief Receive an amount of data in blocking mode 
  * @param  hi2s: pointer to a I2S_HandleTypeDef structure that contains
  *         the configuration information for I2S module
  * @param pData: a 16-bit pointer to data buffer.
  * @param Size: number of data sample to be sent:
  * @note When a 16-bit data frame or a 16-bit data frame extended is selected during the I2S
  *       configuration phase, the Size parameter means the number of 16-bit data length 
  *       in the transaction and when a 24-bit data frame or a 32-bit data frame is selected 
  *       the Size parameter means the number of 16-bit data length. 
  * @param Timeout: Timeout duration
  * @note The I2S is kept enabled at the end of transaction to avoid the clock de-synchronization 
  *       between Master and Slave(example: audio streaming).
  * @note In I2S Master Receiver mode, just after enabling the peripheral the clock will be generate
  *       in continuous way and as the I2S is not disabled at the end of the I2S transaction.
  * @retval HAL status
HAL_StatusTypeDef HAL_I2S_Receive(I2S_HandleTypeDef *hi2s, uint16_t *pData, uint16_t Size, uint32_t Timeout)
I tried
uint16_t I2S_RX_BUFFER2[24];
 HAL_I2S_Receive(&hi2s1, (uint16_t*)I2S_RX_BUFFER2, 24, 0x1000);
My i2s is initialized for 24bit MSB first. How can I get 24bit results?


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