Forum: DSP system identification with lms using microphone

von Radhika K. (Company: nest) (radhikakrishnan)

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Hi all

I am doing an implementation of Filtered X-LMS for active noise 
cancellation in lab set up. I do not have a directional speakers and 
high efficient mic. I have simple speakers and a jack mic. Will I be 
able to carry out the experiment efficiently (with 10dB noise 
reduction)in matlab simulink?

I have modelled the problem in Simulink and connected the speakers and 
mics. I also tried out secondary path estimation. But by using the 
acoustic signal captured by the mic for processing, the LMS filter 
doesnot converge. Should I do any additional processing such that mic 
capture an accurate acoustic output so that LMS works fine for secondary 
path identification.

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