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von Mayank C. (mayc3266)

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Can somebody please recommend me a logic analyzer for debugging my 
Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects? I need to analyze communication for 
I2C, SPI, etc., protocols.  It should support both digital and analog 
signals. Since these are my hobby projects, I do not wish to spend much 
on the analyzer.


von Alex22 (Guest)

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Hi there,

I use the products from https://www.saleae.com both at work and at home 
and I like them a lot. The value for the price is very good. They have a 
decent built quality and a lot of features.


von Flip (Guest)

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You could use a simple Cypress dev board and use Sigrok as pc software.

von Patrick C. (pcrom)

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I also have several projects with I2C, TTL-RS232, SPI and more.
For years I used the PC-Testinstruments LA1034 for I2C, reasonable 
satisfied with it. Biggest disadvantage is that it cannot use a very 
large buffer, e.g. only about 30 I2C characters

Recenlty I bought the 4-channel Saleae Logic-4 for ~100 euro. This one 
works great, great user-interface, good specs (for me) and also 1 analog 
channel. It uses PC memory instead of internal memory and can store much 
more info; I stored >1000 Twi characters and did not run into any limits 
yet. The number of channels (4) is on the low side, that is why I now 
also bought the Saleae Logic-8 (~200 euro) which has 8 channels that can 
all be used for analog.

Flip says to use SigRok and Cypress dev board. But the Sigrok site does 
not mention support for Cypress dev boards, Flip could you please shwo 
the location where you found this info ?


von Patrick C. (pcrom)

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Ohh and there is also the Bus Pirate but as far as I remember it does 
not go above 100kHz for i2c when using as analyser


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