Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools Linking libspeeex in coocox

von Shashi A. (chan)

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I am compiling speex library for arm-cortex-m4. My development board is 
stm32f407. Toolchain used to compile speex library is 
gcc-arm-none-eabi-5_2-2015q4.Same toolchain is used to compile my 
project. I am compiling my project in coocox ide. Project compilation is 
successful without any undefined reference errors. But whenever I call 
functions of libspeeex ( for example lib_speex_get_mode()) facing hard 
fault and flow goes to default handler. My question is, is it possible 
to compile open source package for example libspeex and link statically 
in my project? I am not understanding this. If there are issues with 
linking it should through undefined reference!!! But that's not the 
issue. Please help me out guys.

von MacLyon (Guest)

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Hard fault may arise from uninitialized resources, accessing 
non-existent memory areas, stack problems or many other causes.
If you use an IDE, like Eclipse, then in Debug window (upper left) you 
have all stack frames available, the faulty function/module is shown 
below the stack frame for hard fault(which is the top one). Click on it 
and you will go to the code line which caused the fault (in source 
window, in debugger).
Also, ARM documentation is useful - read before, you are the only one to 
discover first what caused hard fault, then examine the rest of speex 

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