Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools Openning Serial port - AT91SAM7S265

von Shira M. (Company: AIROBOTICS) (shira)

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I am new to ARM, I am working with IAR in a Windows environment.
I have been playing with it quite a lot and succeeded to learn quite a 
lot from the examples I found on IAR and the web.

However, there is a few things I'm trying to figure out and I can't find 
any information about.

First, the DBGU port. I have connected the port to a USB port in my 
laptop and opened up a connection using Putty. Nothing comes through.
I am looking for some explanation on how to see the DBGU output.

Second, I would like to open a USART port to send and receive messages. 
But all the examples I find are very complicated. I want to be able to 
send a message at certain events and receive messages from the computer. 
Does anyone know of simpler examples for such a project?

Thanks a lot.

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