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von MathiasH (Guest)

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Hi folks,

i've a very annoying problem using a TI DRV 8848 dual H-Bridge Motor 
Driver in a little project.
In the datasheet (http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/drv8848.pdf) it is 
stated that it has a quiescent current as low as 3 µA.

Unfortunately if measuring current draw between GND and V_INT with my 
multimeter i get around 15 mA if nSLEEP = 1 (HIGH) and around 1.5 mA if 
nSLEEP = 0 (LOW).
That's arkward since setting nSLEEP to LOW should result in operating 
mode and thus consuming more current, not less...
And furthermore it's still far away from 3µA current consumption stated 
in the datasheet...
Why is this? Do you have any ideas?

My setup is close to the "typical application" drawing given in chapter 
9.2 of the datasheet. But there is one major difference: i only use the 
A in- and output, that's one H-Bridge. No sense resistor is used, AISEN 
is directly connected to GND. Pins 5-7 and Pin 9-10 are left unconnected 
as that's for the second H-Bridge.

AIN1, AIN2 and nSLEEP are connected to Arduino digital I/O.
AOUT1, AOUT2 are connected to a DC motor.
Capacitors between V_INT and GND and VM and GND are set as stated in the 

VM = 12V (battery pack)
V_INT = 3.3V (Arduino)

Thank you very much for giving me any hint...


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