Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools GNU ARM Eclipse: full Cortex-M7 support added

von Liviu I. (ilg)

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The **[GNU ARM Eclipse project](https://github.com/gnuarmeclipse)** 
includes a set of open source Eclipse plug-ins and tools to 
create/build/debug/manage **ARM** (32-bits) and **AArch64** (64-bits) 
applications and static/shared libraries, using the latest **GNU ARM 
GCC** toolchains. 

ARM family and FPU type

Starting with GNU ARM Eclipse version 2.10.2, from November 2015, full 
Cortex-M7 support was added to the **C/C++ Build** → **Settings** → 
**Tool Settings** page; it is now possible not only to select the **ARM 
family**: **cortex-m7**, but also to select the new specific **FPU 


The Hello World Cortex-M C/C++ Project wizard

The project wizard was updated to create generic Cortex-M7 projects.


The STM32F7xx C/C++ Project wizard

And last, but probably the most useful, a new template to create STM32F7 
projects was added.


The wizard currently supports STM32F745xx, STM32F746xx, STM32F756xx, and 
can create blinky projects for the STM32F746_EVAL and 
STM32F746_DISCOVERY boards.

The created projects not only pass the build, but are ready to run on 
the selected boards.

## More info

For more details about the **GNU ARM Eclipse** project, please refer to 
the project site http://gnuarmeclipse.github.io/.

von Bernd K. (prof7bit)

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Thank you for this great Plugin!

I use it every day and I cannot imagine to use Eclipse for ARM without 
it anymore, it is really a great set of useful tools.

Two questions:

* Can the default setting for "project"->"properties"->"C/C++ 
Includes..."->"Providers"->"Build-Output-Parser"->"Compiler Command 
Pattern" be given a more useful default setting for ARM Targets or is 
this setting out of reach for your Plugin and I must file a bug report 
with the CDT-Project?

* Is there a reason why the plugin is not available via the Eclipse 

von Liviu I. (ilg)

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> default setting ...

please file a GitHub Issue ticket with all details, and explain how you 
would like the settings to be. I cannot guarantee a solution is 
available, but I'll investigate.

> Eclipse Marketplace?

it should be, I registered it there recently.



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