Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools The GNU ARM Eclipse project has a new look and a new home at GitHub

von Liviu I. (ilg)

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The [GNU ARM Eclipse project](https://github.com/gnuarmeclipse) includes 
a set of open source Eclipse plug-ins and tools to 
create/build/debug/manage ARM (32-bit) and AArch64 (64-bit) applications 
and static/shared libraries, using the latest GNU ARM GCC toolchains.

New look

Starting with September 2015, the [GNU ARM Eclipse 
web](http://gnuarmeclipse.github.io/) site has a completely new look:

(see attached github-io-gae-home.jpg)

Apart from the aspect (definitely cool!), the main functional change is 
the addition of the right sidebar, to facilitate access to the project 

The new site no longer uses WordPress; instead, it is entirely static 
and was generated with Jekyll.

New project home on GitHub

With GitHub gaining more and more traction, the GNU ARM Eclipse project 
was migrated from SourceForge to GitHub.


The migration of repositories was easy, each project was pushed into its 
own repository.

The current project repositories are:

- plug-ins
- windows-build-tools
- openocd
- qemu
- build-scripts

Binary files as Releases

The migration of binary files was a bit more complicated, and, due to 
current GitHub limitations, is incomplete. The main problem was raised 
by the two Eclipse update sites, which require a certain folder 
structure, and since GitHub currently does not support adding folders to 
releases, the Eclipse update sites will remain hosted on SourceForge (at 

Except the Eclipse update sites, all future binary files will be 
published as GitHub Releases, attached to the respective project 

The archive of past releases was also migrated from SourceForge to 

Issues trackers

The SourceForge trackers were replaced by the GitHub Issues trackers, 
one for each project.

It is planned to preserve the content of the old SourceForge trackers, 
even if now they are locked and new tickets cannot be created there.

Notifications via watched projects

For those interested in receiving notifications, the recommended way is 
to subscribe to the GitHub projects, by clicking the Watch button and 
selecting Watching).

In addition to the gnuarmeclipse/plug-ins project, it is also 
recommended to subscribe to the gnuarmeclipse/gnuarmeclipse.github.io 
project, to receive notifications for new Web posts.

More info

For more details about the GNU ARM Eclipse project, please refer to the 
project site http://gnuarmeclipse.github.io/.

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