Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools Samsung S5P4418 development board

von Steffie C. (Company: Shenzhen Graperain Technology) (graperain)

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Customized Arm Solution Embedded S5P4418 Development Board Linux

CPU processor
Samsung S5P4418, Cortex-A9 Quad-Core, 1.4GHz
RAM: 1GB DDR3 RAM, 32bit data bus (Support expand 2GB DDR3 RAM)
Flash: 8GB eMMC Flash(Optional 8GB/16GB eMMC Flash)
On Board resource
Audio Chips: Use Audio chips on board, Audio In/Out
Power IC: Using power IC
Expand interface
TFT LCD : Support RGB TFT LCD output, upto 1920*1080
LVDS: Support LVDS LCD output, upto 1920*1080
HDMI: HD Video/Audio output interface, HDMI1.4a
Camera: One Camera interface
Touch: Support Capacitive touch screen
Etherent: Support Gigabit Ethernet expand
USB Host: One USB HOST 2.0, One USB HSIC
USB OTG: One OTG 2.0
UART: Support six UART interface, support RTS/CTS serial port
Audio: One MIC, One Speaker, support earphone
SD Card: Two SDIO interface, One for SDIO WiFi, One for SD card
RTC Backup: Support RTC battle input
PWM/IIC/SPI/ADC: Two PWM, Three IIC, two SPI, Two ADC, One PCM, One PDM
GPIO: Upto 53 GPIO with interrupt
Structure parameters
8 layer, 60 x 40 x 2.5(mm)
188Pin QFP expand interface
Electrical Characteristics
Power in: Supply Voltage 5V, Support Li-battle
Power out: 3.3V(power for base board or charge the Li-battle)
Two Alive GPIO
Work Temperature range: -10 to 70 °C

S5P4418 Development Board Linux
S5P4418 Development Board Linux expand the follow function:
UART: Two RS232 Serial port in DB9 interface, Two TTL Serial in 4Pin 
RS485: One RS485 interface
CAN Bus: One CAN Bus, Support CAN 2.0B
USB: Two USB Host and one USB OTG
Audio: One MIC on board, One Speaker interface and one earphone 
HDMI: One HDMI interface, 1.4a HDMI
LCD: One TFT LCD interface with Capacitive touchscreen
LVDS: One 2.0mm pitch 2*10P Standard LVDS interface
Ethernet: One Ethernet interface
Camera interface: Support CMOS Camera and AV In Camera
IIC interface: One Standard I2C interface, 2.0mm pitch 4Pin Header
GPIO interface: Two GPIO, 2.0mm pitch 4Pin header
SD card: Standard TF card slot
Sensor: Support Acceleration of gravity
Key: Audio +, Audio -, Reset button, Power up/down key
Expand Module Support:
WiFi module: Use SDIO intreface
Bluetooth Module: User Uart interface
GPS Module: Support GPS module
Camera Module: Support 500M CMOS camera
AV Camera Module: Support AV In Camera
3G/4G modem: Standard Minipci-E interface
Li-Battle: provide LI-Battle box, support 3.7V Li-Battle
LED: System status LED, Charge status LED
Libattle charge: 2A
RTC back up battle
Sleep and wakeup
5V Power in interface

von Shenzhen Rapetrain Technology (Guest)

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von Sachin (Guest)

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I want Samsung S5P4418 development board

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