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Hello everyone...
Midsummer is coming closer and thats why I took a closer look on the 
temps in my pc. At this point I wondered why most mainboards are 
displaying the 'useless' MB temp, especially when I first saw extra 
connectors on newer gaming mainboards, allowing to connect a wired 
temperature probe and hang it up where you think it is important.
So the time has come for a few experiments with my Asus M4A88TD-v 
Evo/USB3 Board. I figured out that the controller that is used for Fans, 
Temps etc is called IT8712F. Datasheet is available too, but is only 
telling me that thermistors or thermal diodes can be used as probes at 
the TempIn Pins. Speedfan is more cooperative and says that the chip is 
configured for thermistors on all three temp inputs.

With this information I began the search for the sensor component of the 
MB temp. And found that little SMD PTC Fuse (P150-24) that you can see 
in the attached Picture. The diode next to it was also able to detect 
the cool temperature spot I tested with, but not as quick as the fuse. 
They stick together on one great solder pad with one leg each, so i 
suppose that the coolness was conducted from the diode over the 
solderpad to the fuse and was therefore displayed slowlier.

Long story short, my question is:
Is it worth a try to desolder the ptc fuse, solder it onto a thick wire 
and connect the wire to the origin pads ?

Has anybody experience with ptc fuses as sensor components or is it me 
thinking wrong and the diode is used in combination with the ptc fuse ?
I am not familiar with thermistors so i will be thankful for every 


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