Forum: µC & Digital Electronics PIC programming with JDM2 programmer.

von Sean (Guest)

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I am relatively new to the world of Microcontrollers. However, I am 
wirting to recieve answers from experienced people. I hope by writing in 
English I would be able to attract a larger number of answers.

Here I have a question :

Does anyone of you have experience with this programmer : 
Ebay-Artikel Nr. 200501816900

If so, here are my questions :

A. Does it work under Linux ?
B. Does it support PicPgm under linux?

I use netrunner, a slightly modified version of Arch linux.

I would appreciate your answers. Thank you

von MC Supergeileraffenarsch (Guest)

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A: Wich Programm do you use for prograsmmin/compiling?
B: if the Programm you want to use is compatible with Linux, there 
should not be anny Problems....


von fchk (Guest)

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Why don't you use the tools Microchip provides to you?

A PicKIT3 is not the cheapest tool, but works with all current PICs (8, 
16, 32 Bit), and it can not only load your binary into your chip, but it 
also allows debugging, single-stepping, display and modification of RAM 
and SFRs etc. It's not very wise to abandon this option.

MPLABX and the Microchip compilers are also available for Linux.



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