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von FrewCen (Guest)

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I have several years of experience in programming, and I'd like to move 
on to FPGAs to enjoy more fun.

As I have a limited budget for my playing with electronics, I'd like to 
choose the most versatile board for the best price with a decent support 
from manufacturer. I'm a student, so I guess the academic prices apply 
for me.

I tried to do my own research on google. What I wanted to have on my 
board was:
 - VGA/HDMI port
 - SD card slot
 - some memory
 - PS/2 keyboard
 - USB and Enthernet, although I have almost no idea about how these two 

I found these boards:

> Basys™2 - Xilinx Spartan-3E, 8-bit VGA, PS/2 - 69$
> Basys™3 - Xilinx Artix-7, 12-bit VGA, USB host for kb/mice, flash - 79$
> miniSpartan6+ - Spartan 6 LX 9, HDMI, serial flash, microSD - 75$
> ZYBO Zynq™-7000 - Xilinx Z-7010, Cortex-A9, flash, memory, SD, USB, gigabit 
Ethernet, HDMI, 16-bit VGA - 125$
> Altera DE0 Board - Altera Cyclone III 3C16, 4-BIT VGA, SD, serial port, PS/2, 
flash - 81$
> Altera DE0-CV Board - Altera Cyclone V 5CEBA4F23C7N, 4-bit VGA, microSD, PS/2 - 
> Altera DE1 Board - Altera Cyclone II 2C20, 4-bit R-2R per channel VGA, PS/2, SD, 
flash - 127$

here's where I can't decide. Again, cost is important for me, but I also 
know that Digilent and Terasic are Some Names.

What would you choose? Do you have any of your own recommendations?
Please help, I'm honestly an absolute nooob here.

von tsag (Guest)

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von Hafizul Hasni M. (hafiz)

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von SoCkit lover (Guest)

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Arrow SoCKit gratis bei workshop besuch ($99) am sonsten ($199)
Google SoCKit on arrow nac website. read workshop text.


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