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Author: FrewCen (Guest)
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I have several years of experience in programming, and I'd like to move 
on to FPGAs to enjoy more fun.

As I have a limited budget for my playing with electronics, I'd like to 
choose the most versatile board for the best price with a decent support 
from manufacturer. I'm a student, so I guess the academic prices apply 
for me.

I tried to do my own research on google. What I wanted to have on my 
board was:
 - VGA/HDMI port
 - SD card slot
 - some memory
 - PS/2 keyboard
 - USB and Enthernet, although I have almost no idea about how these two 

I found these boards:

> Basys™2 - Xilinx Spartan-3E, 8-bit VGA, PS/2 - 69$
> Basys™3 - Xilinx Artix-7, 12-bit VGA, USB host for kb/mice, flash - 79$
> miniSpartan6+ - Spartan 6 LX 9, HDMI, serial flash, microSD - 75$
> ZYBO Zynq™-7000 - Xilinx Z-7010, Cortex-A9, flash, memory, SD, USB, gigabit 
Ethernet, HDMI, 16-bit VGA - 125$
> Altera DE0 Board - Altera Cyclone III 3C16, 4-BIT VGA, SD, serial port, PS/2, 
flash - 81$
> Altera DE0-CV Board - Altera Cyclone V 5CEBA4F23C7N, 4-bit VGA, microSD, PS/2 - 
> Altera DE1 Board - Altera Cyclone II 2C20, 4-bit R-2R per channel VGA, PS/2, SD, 
flash - 127$

here's where I can't decide. Again, cost is important for me, but I also 
know that Digilent and Terasic are Some Names.

What would you choose? Do you have any of your own recommendations?
Please help, I'm honestly an absolute nooob here.

Author: tsag (Guest)
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Author: Hafizul Hasni M. (hafiz)
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Author: SoCkit lover (Guest)
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