Forum: FPGA, VHDL & Verilog Reading .txt file and putting information in RAM

von Renato P. (rayzen_x)

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Hello everyone!

This is my first topic, I have not found anything like this so I'm 
Well, I work with image processing for some time, but I am new to FPGA.

I made an application in OpenCV of a Sobel operator and saved the 
information of the input image pixels and the output image in two 
different txts. Each txt line is a pixel in binary. Image resolution is 
200x200, then the txts have 40,000 lines each.

The question is, is I read a txt this by putting each line in a memory 
location using VHDL?

Thanks to anyone who can help!

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von René D. (Company: www.dossmatik.de) (dose)

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We had for short time the same question.

Beitrag "RAM mit Filedaten intialisieren (VHDL)"

von sergej (Guest)

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Just look in the Xilinx User Guide at 'ROM HDL Technique". there you 
will find serveral examples so you can even copy the code.

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