Forum: Analog Circuits [HOW TO] Interface an SD XC 64GB Card Class 10

von Brian (Guest)

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Hey Guys,
as in the topic shown, how can I interface the card, target is a 
hardware based driver to transfer images or clips onto the card, any 

Kind regard

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von matzetronics (Guest)

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This is simply not enough information. To what kind of device you wish 
to interface the card? Are concerned about the hardware or the software 
to handle the card?
What do you mean by 'hardware based driver'? Surely there needs to be 
software to access the card's file structure and allocation tables.

E.g. to access a card formatted with the FAT32 filesystem you could look 
into FatFS by Elm Chan, which is available to AVR controllers and the 
STM32 series of MC. Its probably easy to port to other architectures:

von Brian (Guest)

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First of all, thanks for the quick answer, had some busy days...
well back to my question, hardware based driver ... right.

the best question is how to interconnect them together (hardware 
so i can support SD XC, i also decomposed a
"Transcend USB 3.0 Super Speed Multi-Card Reader for SD/SDHC/SDXC/MS/CF 
and could not find out any clue expect it is broken now XD.

Maybe I should describe the project:

1x Switch
2x 9V Batterie (Rechargeable)
1x Voltage regulator 9V
1x Comparator
1x Solar-array
4x Capasitor
1x Button
3x LED
1x 4-State Variable Resistor (Analog Signal)
(Vcc - 3/4 Vcc - 1/2 Vcc - 1/4 Vcc)
8x8 MEMS
Pixl readout:1ms/Pixl (Analog)
precision: 8 bit
1x SD XC Card
1x SD XC Card-slot
(not all parts are displayed here!)

Self rechargeable device, can store Pictures in different mod.
1. 1 frame Picture
2. 1 sec long Picture mode (average value will be saved)
3. Video Mod
4. not set yet

How to operate:
The device can/should operate with or without batteries for limited time 
(sunlight should be provided)
When the device use battery charge orange LED will light up.
Red LED will light up when batteries are depleted.
Green LED light up when Solar-array supports enough power to recharge 
the device.
The different mod. will be realized with the 4-state variable resistor.
Button is for activate/ deactivate/relase an action,

atm. is the SD XC Part missing and i could need your help to realize 

kind regard

von matzetronics (Guest)

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I suggest to have a look at ELM Chans FatFS Project describing how to 
access volumes, e.g. on SD Cards with small microcontrollers, like the 

He provides sample code for SD card usage on AVRs, although a lot of 
ports now exist for different architectures.
Hardware is simple, but keep in mind that SD Cards operate at 3,3 volts 
and will be toasted when using 5 volts.

Ginat volumes like 64 GBytes might not work with FAT32, i didn't look 
into that yet.
Found some info here:
It seems that 32 GBytes for a volume might be a limit here.

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