Forum: µC & Digital Electronics Query on DSP4YOU AVB switch.

von Hrusikesh P. (Company: eInfochips) (hrusikesh)

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Hi All,

We are holding your DSP4YOU 5 port AVB Switch, Powered by Marvell 
Firefox series, 400MHz ARM9 core. We have our custom AVB endpoints and 
using Intel OpenAVB stack to build a AVB network using DSP4YOU switch. 
Now we have the following scenario

1> If we direct communicate between the endpoints without the switch, we 
are able to achieve the IPG of 125uSec.

2> If we are adding the switch to the network, we are getting the IPG 
around 460uSec.

3> Previously we also have tried the Intel I210 nic as endpoints, we 
were getting IPG around 900-1000uSec.

Can anyone please give me some idea what could be the issue above.

Also I have the following queries,

1> Is the DSP4YOU AVB switch is compatible to all AVB Stack other than 
Marvell's AVB stack.

2> I can see a serial port on this switch, If I am correct it is for 
debugging purpose. Do any one have any idea how to use it for debugging 
from switch point of view.

Thanks and Regards

Hrusikesh Padhy

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