Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools unrecognised emulation mode: cpu=cortex-m3

von Ruslan S. (Company: geomashsnab) (mudila)

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I have attached the makefile that I use to compile compile my first 
simple code (main.c) for the stm32VL board. My operating system is OS X 
Maverics and I use Yagarto with STLINK. I attached the bash_profile file 
to show how the Yagarto toolchain is set. The main.c file gets operated 
first by the local Makefile (attached) which calls the Makefile.common.

When I run the make command I get the following error. Any ideas how I 
can fix this?

Demo Ruslan$ make
-T/Users/Ruslan/STM32-Template/stm32f100.ld -mthumb -mcpu=cortex-m3  -o 
Demo.elf startup_stm32f10x.o system_stm32f10x.o  main.o
/Users/Ruslan/yagarto/yagarto-4.7.2/bin/arm-none-eabi-ld: unrecognised 
emulation mode: cpu=cortex-m3
Supported emulations: armelf
make: *** [Demo.elf] Error 1

von gjlayde (Guest)

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In general it's not a good idea to call ld directly for linking.  Use 
gcc as linker driver and it will feed ld with the correct options and 

von Rolf Magnus (Guest)

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And -m has a completely different meaning in ld.

von Ruslan S. (Company: geomashsnab) (mudila)

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Thank you everyone for the responses. I got it to work under yagarto and 
gcc! The problem was that I was calling for ld directly instead of 
allowing gcc to take care of it.

von Ruslan S. (Company: geomashsnab) (mudila)

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i am working now on debugging the code in gdb. Is it possible to ask gdb 
to print the value of i every timy the i is updated? As of now i use the 
manual print i command in gdb but it is no practical I think.


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