Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools STM32 GDB on Mac OS

von Ruslan S. (Company: geomashsnab) (mudila)

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I am just installed the STLink and Yagarto on my Mac OS 10.9.5 and it 
took me 3 days:( .
I am experiencing the following GDB problem after stlink connects to my 
STM32VL Discovery board.

I started the instance of STLINK by using command :
./st-util --stlinkv1

and after that I opened another terminal to run the GDB:
tcms-MacBook-Pro:yagarto-4.7.2 Ruslan$ arm-none-eabi-gdb 
but when I try to load the .elf by by using command

(gdb) target extended-remote :4242
I get this error:

Remote debugging using :4242

0x08000b4c in GPIO_Write (GPIOx=0xa, PortVal=<optimized out>)


er/src/stm32f10x_gpio.c:  No such file or directory.
I am very new to unix based systems or to GDB and GCC so I have problem 
with fixing this issue. Could someone advice on how to address this 
problem? I started by loading the STM32VL library into my project folder 
STM32 Template but the error persists. I don't understand why gdb is 
looking for thestm32f10x_gpio.c since the .elf file is already a 
compiled and ready to be loaded object.  Please help.

von Lyon (Guest)

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Download the follwings:
- this is the Eclipse IDE
b) https://launchpad.net/gcc-arm-embedded - this is the latest version 
of bare-metal GNU tools for ARM/Cortex-Mx micros
c) http://gnuarmeclipse.livius.net/blog/plugins-install/ - this is to 
allow managed make projects (you do not need to write makefiles, are 
written automatically by the plug-in) and also allow visual debugger
d) openocd, as described here: 
http://gnuarmeclipse.livius.net/blog/openocd-install/ - tools to connect 
to your board

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