Forum: Analog Circuits Antenna Selection for 868 MHz transceiver

von HF (Guest)

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Dear All,

I have difficulty at choosing the optimal quasi-omni-directional antenna 
[compact & cheap, but good-performance at urban area: 3-5 km @ +20dBm, 
lowest data rate, LoRa, -148dBm rec. sensitivity] for RFM95 868 MHz 
transceiver module.

What do you think about these two PCB trace antennas?

As far as I have read & understand, (although the helical one needs 
accurate matching) they both have better gain parameters than these 
comparatively more expensive solutions:


Another option, I may use simple wire. (What kind of wire should use?) 
But I have to bend it twice to make it fit to a 4x4cm case. Does it 
degrade the performance heavily?

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge & experience.
Best regards...

von HF (Guest)

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Why is not there any "HF, Funk & Felder" sub-forum for the English 

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