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von Sungod3k (Guest)

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I recently burned the ATMEGA1284p on an Sanguinololu board. I ordered a 
new one and tried to upload a bootloader via AVRDUDE GUIs and Arduino 

Most GUIs dont support the ATMEGA1284p and the ones who do incl Arduino 
give me
avrdude: warning: cannot set sck period. please check for usbasp firmware update.
avrdude: Expected signature for ATMEGA1284P is 1E 97 05"

AVRDEDUDESS which has ATMEGA1284p support gives me at least this, from 
which I interpret that there is a base level of communication.
avrdude.exe: warning: cannot set sck period. please check for usbasp firmware update.
avrdude.exe: AVR device initialized and ready to accept instructions
Reading | ################################################## | 100% 0.01s
avrdude.exe: Device signature = 0x000102
avrdude.exe: Expected signature for ATmega1284P is 1E 97 05

I'm running out of ideas so can someone more experienced shed some light 
on what the sch period is or what this error means?


von Stephan K. (nightowl)

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I don't have any experience with this particular processor.

But It seems that the programmer can't switch the clock of the target 
because he is unable to communicate correctly.

Maybe there is a jumper on your board to set it slower and or you can 
try to set the communication speed in the command line (or gui option) 
of avr dude, or you can make an update of your usbasp's firmware as 
avrdude suggests.

As you can see you have plenty of options left ;-)

von Friedemann M. (sungod3k)

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I cant update I would need a 2nd programmer for that :) the last update 
is from 2011 so Im reasonable sure this is the latest version.

With AVRDUDESS I tried all the -B options from 500Hz up to 1.5Mhz. Would 
I be correct to assume that this -B bit clock speed is the frequency the 
chip should operate based on the oscillator the board has? (in my case 
16mhz) or is this something different?

von nga (Guest)

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try out 125kHz.
If the chip is running the internal clock of 8MHz 500kHz are too 
high(1/4 F_CPU). Maybe your fuses are incorrect.

von Friedemann M. (sungod3k)

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All articles I found on updating the programmer look like this
http://www.rogerclark.net/?p=702 using either another of the same type 
or other arduino to do it.

I just managed to push through all the errors and upload a bootloader, 
but now that I want to upload a sketch I get timeouts.

von Stephan K. (nightowl)

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You are right. I thought if my programmer is capably of that all others 
could be too. That is unfortunately untrue. I took a look with google 
and came to the same conclusion. The 3rd option was to burn the atmega8 
with the usbasp and change it then with the programmer.

Have you checked if there is a wrong crystal or resonator on the board?
Are you able to read the fuses?
Could you post the error massage(s)?

von Friedemann M. (sungod3k)

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The crytal is right, and I read that the chips are rated for max 20mhz 
and the fuse settings are the same.

In the mean time I managed to upload a bootloader/set fuses despite the 
error but the process is faulty because it always timeouts when I then 
try to upload firmware.

From where I stand now I can reasonably assume that its just the 
programmer. I'll visit a friend with an adrudino and I'll try the 
Arduino as ISP method.

von Kazik (Guest)

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I have the some problem with usbasp programmer and exactly the some 
message. I bought this programmer in China. Strange enough I can 
download the program to flash memory and it seems that result is 
Do you found the solution for your problem?


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