Forum: µC & Digital Electronics LPC 2129 PWM problem

von Anand B. (Company: Self) (abhavikatti)

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Hi all

I am working on single edge PWM generation on LPC 2129 .The summary o my 
work is as below

1)I am able to see PWM output on Pin 33(PWM 4).it is as per my clock 
settings.No problem still here.

2)In the PWM ISR,I am setting 2 flags and in the main loop of the code 
,and based on these flag values I am dynamically changing PWM4 rate by 
changing PWMMR0 ;PWMMR4 PWMLER registers.

3)These above mentioned changes are not reflected in the scope output.I 
dont see my modified rate settings on the scope.

Attached is the code.Please help me.


von Anand B. (Company: Self) (abhavikatti)

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The stuff is working fine. I have to use volatile qualifiers for flags 
used in ISR and in  main loop.

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