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von Marc P. (marcvonwindscooting)

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I released a new version of my flash programmer for NXP's line of ARM 
based LPC microcontrollers. The preferred host system is Linux.
This version 3 supports:
 - LPC800, LPC1100, LPC1200, LPC1300, LPC1500, LPC1700, LPC2100, LPC2300
 - multi-FLASH bank devices (LPC1800, LPC4300, ...)
 - configurable for other/future devices (LPC4000,...)
 - easy integration into scripts
 - high speed, mostly limited by UART transfer rate.
 - easy to use, thanks to useful default settings.
 - GPLv3, open source
 - CRP-checking/protection/setting
 - comprehensive manual: http://www.windscooting.com/softy/mxli-3.0.pdf

Requirements: gcc.

mxli can be downloaded from here:


Thanks to mxli-3's special design, it can be ported to any operating 
system and non-OS system easily.

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