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von IonutZ (Guest)

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I am new in this domain so please excuse my lack of knowledge about the 

I have found an interesting subject about an ARM7 based OLED CLOCK and I 
am trying to make it as my first project but I encountered some trouble 
in compiling the source code.

I have made the PCB and now I am in the difficulty of compiling the 
binary for uploading on the uC.

As far as I know the source code was made in the assembler language by 
the developer and was compiled under Linux using the GNU toolkit 
(compiler, linker, assembler, make) and openocd.

I have tried to make it work but I am not that skilled in using programs 
in Linux using command lines and using other programs such as Atmel 
Studio or Eclipse didn't help either.

So I have decided to ask here if there is someone willing to help me to 
finish making my first project so I can understand at least at the basic 
level how the compiling and debugging works.

Can someone please help me with the compiling of the source code to 
obtain the binary so I can upload it on the uC?

The programmer I have is an olimex tiny h programmer and the developer 
used a digilent jtag 3 but I don't think that is a big problem because I 
need to have a binary file first... and maybe I will buy that programmer 
also so it will work without modifying the code.

I have added an archive with all the documentation provided by the 
developer. BTW, I have tried to contact the developer but no response 
(maybe he changed his email in the last passing years).

Thank you in advance for any kind of help !

von Lyon (Guest)

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Maybe it is wise to start up with smaller projects first, and read more 
about tools available and use (nobody is born with knowledge, all 
experienced that) - see this page: 
and read the documents related to startup and GNU tools settings and use 
(at least three documents mandatory…).

von Marc P. (marcvonwindscooting)

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I gave it a try, no success after 1/2 hour.
This is really a botch job! Every single step fails.
When trying to convert the *.jpg (s) into work/*.armasm and that failed, 
too, I gave up.

What I did:

use my arm-none-eabi-gcc instead of the arm-..-gcc and other tools 

Copy your jpegs to contrib and remove ' (1)' from the file names.

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von Lyon (Guest)

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Now it is a bit more clear what you want. I did downloaded your package, 
but seems to be something weird inside, my computer got blue screen when 
opened your package.
You may use Gimp tool to:
i) adjust your jpegs to the size, color attributes needed for your 
ii)generate *.c language file corresponding to the jpeg (it is in the 
format of an array of 0xYYZZ, ready to be compiled).
Another observation: it is your choice of coarse, but these days the 
hot micro to use is a Cortex-Mx, many improvements over old ARM7TDMI 
like yours, many other sites/brands offer good support to problems. 
(Other brands offer special tools for such operation).

von Lyon (Guest)

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Not seen from the beginning the name of the second poster - so mixed the 
response. But really to convert jpeg to c code, use Gimp.

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