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von Alexander (Guest)

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we started a new parametric search engine for Analog IC. The service 
should be a big time saver for engineers and technicians, who are 
working daily with IC specifications, looking for IC replacements or 
searching for new products.

Our goal is a platform with all manufacturers in a certain analog IC 
segment plus a wide range of available parameters. At the moment we can 
offer 50+ IC manufacturer, 6000+ IC and 40+ standard and unique 

This should solve the problem that either only one manufacturer could be 
searched for products at a given manufacturers homepage. Or using 
Distributors/Sample Warehouses with a good choice of manufacturers but 
limited still to their line-card and a usually very narrow set of 

We started with popular product segments like DC/DC Converter, DC/DC LED 
Driver, DC/DC Controller and Dataconverter A/D & D/A (beta phase).

Please take a look and test us - feedback is highly appreciated: 

We have lot's of expansions in our 2014 roadmap. A few highlights are:
- 'backward search'- show all products with same or better performance 
than the selected one
- rank all products based on their total solution size - including 
passive components
- Segment References (Shunt, Voltage, Current)
- Segment Li-Ion Battery Charger
and much more.

Many Thanks for your time and feedback.

best regards,

von Bitflüsterer (Guest)

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I don't like java for security reasons. Better luck next time with 
server side sripts.

von Bitflüsterer (Guest)

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And then: ajax.googleapis.com - Worse, again for security reasons. ;-)

von Alexander (Guest)

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Thank you for your feedback. For the moment this is the database 
architecture we chose to enable a quick product search - but we are 
always open for ideas and improvements.

How would you implement it ?

von Bitflüsterer (Guest)

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>How would you implement it ?

You mean, if I would be under contract?

von paddy (Guest)

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Missing the widely-used DC/DC converter NCP2401

Also missing the cypress PSoc controllers. They have DC/DC and 
high-performace ADC build-in. They should - in some way - be mentioned 

von http://www.Green-Man-Malton.co.uk/ (Guest)

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von hmm (Guest)

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>How would you implement it ?

php, javascript

von G-Ride (Guest)

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Dear Alexander,

I am looking for an ADC with at least 14 bit accuracy on two 
simultaniously converting differential channels (meaning 2x2=4 Channels, 
2 ADCs). So let's see how my search goes on your website:
- Resolution: at least 14 bit resolution, I would be fine with 15 to 31 
bit as well, how do I tell your selector?
- Channels: at least 4 but why not 5 to 256? How do I tell your 
- Sample-Rate: Finally! A smaller/greater than option, you need that 
- Differential: Where do I enter that?
- Two ADCs in one housing: Where do I enter that?
- Package: I want to use QFN in a certain size range. It would be nice, 
if you could add a search function, where one could sort by the sizes of 
a certain package type because in most parameter searches you can only 
sort by smallest outline of all available packages, which is usually a 
ball grid array. I you cannot handle a ball grid, you simply cannot use 
the sort by outline function.

Sorry, but this parametric search is really no help yet. It just uses 
the same (IMO crappy) parameters as the vendors and manufacturers but 
doesn't even give you a greater/smaller-option and a 
I-don't-care-option, which is a killer-argument against your website.

In my opinion, the perfect parametric search would be a wiki/openSource 
kind of search engine. That way, not only you and the manufacturers but 
also the millions of users could contribute to the search and add new 
categories like "qfn-outline", "qfp-outline", "ballgrid-outline" or 
whatever categorie you don't have in mind yet but the users actually 
look for.

Regards and keep on developing!

von Alex (Guest)

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Hi G-Ride,
Thank you for taking time and testing our parametric search engine. I 
have great feedback for you, basically all of your suggestions will be 
ready once we make it to version 1.0.

As you may have noticed the Data Converter Selector is still at an early 
stage (beta 0.5) compared to other Selectors so lot's of updates are 
scheduled over summer time.

updates till v.1.0. (most are already working in our test system)
- min/max or smaller/greater option for main parameters
- differential or single ended input
- number of  ADC per product/package
- uni-polar/bi-polar/true-bipolar input
- search by input range like 0 to 5V or -5 to 5V
- package data like number of pins and size in mm²
- sort function across all products for smallest package size and/or by 
package family

We spend a lot of time in adding products and parameters. We don't use 
'crappy feeds' at all. Please give us a little time and wait for v.1.0. 
All search functions will be ready and of similar great quality as the 
other Power Management or LED Driver Selectors already are.

Again thank you for your feedback. I encourage also other user to do so, 
so we can improve further.

von Alex (Guest)

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Small update, we activated 2 new helpful functions:
- side by side product comparison for up to 5 products (via 'i' pages)
- pre-selection for preferred suppler across all Selectors (via 

Our first (and simple) video tutorials for those functions can be found 
here: http://www.dcdcselector.com/en/tutorials


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