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von Martin (Guest)

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I'm testing the SVNDbLib feature of Altium Designer 14.1.
The database resides on a MySQL-Server and the symbols/footprints are in 
a SVN repository.

The only problem i have is that Add/Edit/Delete Component are not 
available in the Table Browser context menu (as like here: 
Thus it seems i have to use an external program to edit components in 
the database, which seems a bit of an overkill to teach a designer if he 
just wants to copy a resistor to get a new value.

Everything is set up according to the instructions found here:
and the document linked above.

Everything else is up and running, i can place parts, and editing of 
symbols and footprints from the Table Browser in the SVNDbLib-Editor 
works, as well as updating them with the Storage Manager.
I also tested this with an xls-file for the database using a DbLib and a 

Any comments are higly appreciated!

von Martin (Guest)

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If anybody is experiencing the same problem:

Editing the database in Altium's Table Browser is only available with an 
Access-Database. Connections to other databases are read-only.

von Christian B. (luckyfu)

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There is another Issue: even with an access db Library is only editing 
of former existent parts available. But it's impossible (testet witch 
AD10 + AD13) to add a new component. For this it's needed to do it in MS 

von Timofonic T. (timofonic_t)

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Are new versions better than this?

von HolgerKraehe (Guest)

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We have also an setup with a MySQL Database in the background.
It is correct, that you cannot edit/remove/add components within altium 

We have created an own Website for these things.
On this site, we can add/remove/edit all components and we have an 
integrated wizard which guides you through the process of the component 

von Saimen S. (Company: Tianweisheng) (saimenshen)

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von Fred (Guest)

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I am trying to set up the SVNDBlib & I have somes problems

1- I am not able to manage multiple user to my database (MDB)
2- The SVNDBLib is linked to my projet
3- I am not able to have the source control on th DB itself.

If you have more information & hints, I would really appreciate it.
If you have information on setuping a SQL server for the DB PArts.


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