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von Vinayak S. (vinayak_s)

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I`ve files which are contain plenty addresses(integers 16-bit). Each 
file contain lakh together integers. I need to store and used in a 
I`m worry about memory of FPGA whether which sufficient or not. Because 
each and every model has many memory blocks used i.e. RAM/ROM. After 
integrating all block there is no such issues which in large to store or 
like that. I used spartan 3A DSP.

What mearure should take before if it occure in future....?

von Marius S. (lupin)

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Uhm, just calculate how many Bits you need for your RAMs/ROMs, check the 
datasheet of your exact FPGA (there are many Spartan 3A types in various 

And then you should know if your data will fit into the memory or not.

If your data is smaller than the FPGA block RAM it should work fine.
If your data size larger than the FPGA block RAM then you'll get a 
problem or have to use a bigger FPGA.

Spartan 3A isn't a DSP. It's an FPGA.
You can build a DSP into an FPGA if you want.

Also make sure that you really need all this data - maybe it can be 
optimized. Maybe you can use some symmetry of the data or compress it 
using some simple algorithm.

Without knowing what you want to do it's really hard to tell if it will 
work or not.


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