Forum: Analog Circuits 61850 standard : Numerical value of gocbRef and datSet in GOOSE message for overcurrent relay

von varun m. (Company: DEI) (varun_agr)

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Dear Sir
I had studied IEC 61850 standard and some relevant paper  for relay 
communication purpose. As I came to know that we have to follow ISO/IEC 
8802 -3 frame format for GOOSE. The last frame for this is APDU and this 
APDU is according to ASN.1 /BER encoding rules and having 13 labels as 
gocbRef, timeAlloedtoLive, 
curity(  IEC 61850). Sir I got confused what is numerical value of 
gocbRef as in papers and IEC61850 standard it is given in LLN0$gocb , 
what is numerical value of datSet i.e. data set and allData. What are 
different numerical values for these for different relays as 
overcurrent,distance etc. Sir can I check this complete frame with 
Wireshark software.
Sir I am working on FPGA based relays in my research project and we are 
doing serial communication. Can we send this complete frame(after 
setting numerical values as I don't know ) in serial and convert it to 
ethernet and check the same on Wireshark.
Sir kindly suggest me the numerical values for above mentioned and can I 
check the frame using above mentioned method.

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