Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools My new ATSAM3S4BA gaming project with iC0nstruX

von Francesco (Guest)

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Hi to all,
I wanted to share with you one of my project. I have been developing 
emulators for SEGA and other retro computing systems for many years, but 
recently I got interested in electronics as part of my emulation 
development. I wanted to port my emulator to a small embedded system, 
not just the PC.

2 years later after several projects, I now know a little about 
electronics, but during this time, I worked with Andre' LaMothe, the 
creator of the XGameStation, HYDRA, PropC3, and other systems on a the 
web site iC0nstruX.com

I recently got an ARM Cortex M3 development board and I decided to 
create a demo PACMAN to learn programming the ARM Micro controller.

I had to work hard but at the end my project took shape. I was able to 
design a tiny VGA PACMAN for the ARM Cortex M3:

I am working on the audio generator driver, and as soon as it will be 
completed I will share the code with you.

My next goal is to create a more complex system of course, maybe 
something with an OS.

I hope you liked it!

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