Forum: Analog Circuits Material used in Peltier thermoelectric module shells

von Julian G. (Company: NSW TAFE College Mt Druitt) (my_other_head)

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I wish to try out the Farnell/Element14 Multicomp Peltier thermoelectric 
modules or similar, in cascade for cooling an LNA block of a sensitive 
microwave band receiver.

1. In general, What is the material used for the shells of these 
modules, eg MULTICOMP - MCPE-127-10-13 - PELTIER COOLER, 38.1W?


2. Does anyone have  dielectric constant values for this and similar 
products across a range of frequencies, ie {10, 100, 500} MHz, {1, 2, 5, 
10} GHz

3. What adhesive should I use to bond these modules together?

Kind regards,

Julian Grodzicky

von Kai K. (klaas)

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The surface is made of Al2O3 ceramics, usually. The dielectric constant 
should be about 8...10, depending on chemical purity.

Use a bonding material that is recommended for Al2O3 ceramics. And keep 
water condensation in mind...

von Julian G. (Company: NSW TAFE College Mt Druitt) (my_other_head)

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Thank you for your reply, Kai.

\epsilon = 8...10, that's about a 25% variation, at best.
I might see what else is in the name brand Peltier module market, rather 
than the Multicomp brand, even though it seems inexpensive. This is 
element 14's/Farnell's generic brand, and could be sourced from 
anywhere.  The Product page say these current units come from Russia, so 
I'm not sure how product specification variation plays across production 
runs, or what the quality of the shell ceramic will be.

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