Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools Jump tables for gcc-arm cross compiler

von Farhan (Guest)

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I would really appreciate if some one could tell me how to initiate jump 
tables for gnu arm assembler. I have written the below code at the end 
of my .s file. I have tried all sorts of things (using .align, .p2align, 
.long etc) but i can't get the _input_case_table to get the 4 byte 
addresses for str_help and str_sum. Assuming input starts at 0x100e4 
memory in the debugger, I have reproduced the 32 byte memory location 
following it.
 * --- Data follows ---

/* Let's pretend this command was entered by the user */
input:  .ascii "sum"
  .byte 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
  .ascii "HELP"
  .byte 0, 0, 0, 0
  .ascii "SUM"
  .byte 0, 0, 0

/* Recognized commands */
  .word  str_sum
  .word  str_help

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I am using the gcc-4.6-linux-arm-gnueabi compiler tool chain. Using 
gdb-multiarch with architecture set to armv4.
I am still new to this so any guidance would be much appreciated.

To reiterate my question, im tyring to compile code for armv4 32bit 
processor mode. I know how alignment and 'DCD' statements work but for 
Keil Development tools only. I would really appreciate if some one could 
point me how to do the using the GNU assembler.

von Kindergärtner (Guest)

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Maybe try:
  .word  =str_sum
  .word  =str_help

von Marc P. (marcvonwindscooting)

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Did you find out?

Surprisingly, I use your style since years, successfully.
Most recently for LPC800:
        initialSP:      .word   0
        initialPC:      .word   _start+1

.global _start
The only difference is the presence of the labels.


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