Forum: µC & Digital Electronics Raspberry Pi Camera Board - raspistill options for fastest image acquisition?

von Info (Guest)

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I have been playing with my camera board a few minutes and found that 
even if I try to set the -t option to low values and suppress preview 
output, the camera LED is on for about 4 seconds when taking a picture 
with raspistill.
Is it possible to access the camera faster to take exactly one picture?

Also, unfortunately the documentation on the RPi-Side is rather lacking, 
given they are producing and selling thousands of these things - can the 
camera LED be used to synchronize to the acquisition (e.g. flash)? I 
read that the "warning, camera is on" LED output can be suppressed and 
reactivated by IO, which leaves to the assumption that the LED is not 
controlled by the camera and thus triggering is not possible due to 
latency (unless this is fixed and comes on before acquisition).

Sensor: OmniVision OV5647

von Steve Ocean (Guest)

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I am also interested in this. I'd like to use the Pi and camera to build 
a device that can take occasional snapshots for remote monitoring 

von Info (Guest)

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Have a look at the 'official' forums for camera 'demo' feature 

Not much reaction, but more info about the camera behaviour than found 
in docs/main wikis. It is stressed that the applications that enable use 
of the camera module are just demos...

About compiling the 'demo' tools:

I still think it's curious that with tens of thousands of RPis out there 
it seems so inactive.

Apparently, the original developers are busy with more important things 
(new stuff?) and don't have much experience (somewhere in the middle, I 
can't link posts directly):

Here, someone is trying to analyse the I2C communications for setting up 
the camera:

So time to DIY, but I can't do it.


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