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von Rik (Guest)

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So. I got this big lump of code. It generates up to 75 numbers (2 
digits) on a screen. Now I have 8 rows of "stupid" code (no algorithms), 
and I'm sure there must be some easier way.
getalvec is an array (15 downto  0) of 8x8 ram for characters
image is what I project on the screen (to be filtered with some 
index is the current number being drawn. It is used to read from a (75 
downto 0) vector if that number should be highlighted or not
For the full file, see attachment
  if(2x>=14 AND 2x<30) then
    if(2y >=140 AND 2y<156) then
      image := getalvec(0) (63-((x-7) + 8*(x-70) ));
      index := 1;
    elsif(2y >=166 AND 2y <182) then
      image := getalvec(0) (63-((x-7) + 8*(y-83) ));
      index := 2;
    elsif(2y >=192 AND 2y<208) then
      image := getalvec(0) (63-((x-7) + 8*(y-96) ));
      index := 3;
    elsif(2y >=218 AND 2y<234) then
      image := getalvec(0) (63-((x-7) + 8*(y-109) ));
      index := 4;
    elsif(2y >=244 AND 2y<260) then
      image := getalvec(0) (63-((x-7) + 8*(y-122) ));
      index := 5;
    elsif(2y >=270 AND 2y<286) then
      image := getalvec(0) (63-((x-7) + 8*(y-135) ));
      index := 6;
    elsif(2y >=296 AND 2y<312) then
      image := getalvec(0) (63-((x-7) + 8*(y-148) ));
      index := 7;
    elsif(2y >=322 AND 2y<338) then
      image := getalvec(0) (63-((x-7) + 8*(y-161) ));
      index := 8;
      image := '0';
      index := 0;
    end if;
  elsif(next) %etc..

von Rik (Guest)

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Edit: It's purpose: to put on a FPGA attached to any RGB-monitor and 
game around.

von siviano (Guest)

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why do you send code instead of explaing what you want?
 guess If you were able to fully explain whatyou need and write it down 
in detail, you will find the solution ourself

get the chaos out of your head and think strait

von FPGA-Professional (Guest)

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This appears to be a task for an optimized VHDL table


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