Forum: FPGA, VHDL & Verilog help me..newbie in this language

von qayyum s. (newbie_malaysia)

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please..can anyone help me to create the testbench for 
controller,datapath and alucontrol for the codes in attachment?it is 
hard to understand the codes so by doing some test bech hope it will 
help me to understand more..realy i'm a newbie..thank you

von Omega (Guest)

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if you don't know anything about the language verilog, than start a very 
simple project. Try to describe a "OR", "AND", ... gate, several flip 
flops, counter, and so on. Write testbenches for all this simple tests. 
Than, and only than you can do this without problem and you feel save, 
take your module and start to write an testbench.

If you have no idea how to describe a OR gate, counter, etc. than begin 
to read literature, otherwise you will fail completely!!!


von PittyJ (Guest)

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If you are new, why do you start with such a complex thing like a 
Start with an blinking LED, even there are enough pitfalls for a newbie.

von Micha (Guest)

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in fact this "minimips" is vey interesting code!

My recommendation to qayyum salleh:
If you are new to the subject and want to learn Verilog hands on - start 
with some blinking LEDs, reaction on switches, some easy combinatorial 
logic and register logic examples.
If you want to continue towards more complex things - have a look at the 
website www.fpga4fun.com.
Another very good resource for learning purposes is the minimalistic 
MCPU at opencores (just google for MCPU...) I rewrote it from its 
functional specs and that helped me a lot to learn how things work ;)

Good Luck!


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