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von Iron 24 (Guest)

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Hello , Sincerly i'm newbie i'm not familiar with FPGA
I'm using the spartan6 and i have to communicate this fpaga with a DDR3 
, so i used the MIG from COrgen , after that i'm using the example 
design which i removed all files of Traffic generator and i remplaced it 
by my onwn user interface which i use a state machie to read and Write 
but my broblem now : firstly afetr generation of this part of project , 
how can i use it into my top project ( the other projet which i have 
designed my work) if that is the case i'm asking if i'll add all the 
source files palced in the rtl folder or not ?
- secondely i want to modify data written and readen into the memory , 
how can i use the procedure , i need simple example :(
- a little more question : i have to to use the data such as input 
std_logic but this type INPUT it could be readen and written ?
- also someone can explain me how to modify and what is the difference 
between these parmeters :

   constant C3_CLKOUT0_DIVIDE       : integer := 1;
   constant C3_CLKOUT1_DIVIDE       : integer := 1;
   constant C3_CLKOUT2_DIVIDE       : integer := 16;
   constant C3_CLKOUT3_DIVIDE       : integer := 8;
   constant C3_CLKFBOUT_MULT        : integer := 2;
   constant C3_DIVCLK_DIVIDE        : integer := 1;
Please any help

von Edi M (Guest)

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This efers to the PLL settings. You will have to add your clocks there.

von hamza (Guest)

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i am also working on MIG core from xilinx. I simulate it through 
generate simulated file..can you help me complete understanding of this 
core how they work...plz reply through email..mhamzahab@gmail.com


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