Forum: Analog Circuits Cutoff frequency for high/low pass filters

von Benny (Guest)

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Hey guys,

Could you shed a little light on this problem here? I'm trying to 
calculate the half power frequency for these 2 circuits, and I'm not 
sure if my reasoning/math is right:

For the former one, I did Fc=1/(2πR*C) where R=(R1*R2)/(R1+R2)+R3. Is 
this correct? Is this all?

How about the latter one?

Thank you

von Helmut S. (helmuts)

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Hello Benny,

You have to look from the capacitor into the circuit when you calculate 
the corner frequency or the time constant. Treat the voltage source as a 
short (0Ohm) for the calculation, because it has zero internal 

a) Lowpass Filter

fc = 1/(2*pi*R*C)

R = 1/(1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3)

b) Highpass Filter

fc = 1/(2*pi*R*C)

R = R1 + 1/(1/R2 + 1/R3)

By the way you can simulate this circuit with LTspice to check the 

Best regards,

von Benny (Guest)

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Thanks a lot Helmut

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