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von comex m. (Company: Audio guitar pedals) (comexmix)

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Hi everyone,
i am going through the process to build my own guitar pedals.
I have designed the board already and I do have all my components too.
I have searched for a nice casing too but I will have this housing made 
here in USA.
I was looking to manufacture the board in Asia (China or Taiwan).
Presently I am in touch with these guys http://www.kejiepcb.com.
They seem to have solutions for quickturn and prototyping and they are 
very responsive, answers within just several hours.
Has anyone ever tried them out?

von mexman (Guest)

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I strongly recommend to fly over and know those guys personally.
I lived there > 5 years and know what I am talking about.

See the "factory" and do not be surprised not to see what you are 
expecting...most are working well anyway.

Getting fast response is not what you want. you want a good product and 
if you are a nice guys, you will not want children building it, neither 
them dropping their chemical on the lawn.....

The only way is getting there....Everyone can send nice mails in short 
time and even lye you with nice references and certificates.

There are literally millions of this kind of factories.
Go and get in contact in Shanghai, Beijing Dong Road 666 and there you 
will find dozens in just one building.

They even do reverse engineering of any product you bring in, in just a 
few days and offer you the complete service (board, components, 
assembly, housing, shipping.....)



WIth a lot of experience in Chinese outsourcing.

von Robert P. (Company: SysPCB) (robertpeng)

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Yes, agree with Michael, You should go to China if you want a long term 
cooperation and have big order with them.

von Joanna Q. (Company: RayMing Technology) (raypcb20)

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Hi Comexmix,

This is Joanna from RayMing Technology, we are a pcb manufacture in 
shenzhen, we can offer pcb+components+assembly (one stop services).
If you are interested, please feel free to send me gerber file for 

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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