Forum: µC & Digital Electronics eLua on STM32F4discovery

von Thomas M. (Guest)

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Hi, i'm trying to run eLua on a STM32F4discovery board.

I downloaded and flashed this image successfully:



But how can i send a Lua-file to the board?

I tried to connect the board with this adapter:


I used the Ports PB6 and PB7 for RX/TX and "Hterm" to establish the 
connection, but the eLua shell did not work...

von Martin Thomas (Guest)

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- re-try with a 3,3V transceiver, the mentioned device from Pollin is 
fro 5V operation

- PB7 RX and PB6 for TX should be ok
- the lua startup-message should show up (115200,8,n,1)
- shell should react on commands typed from terminal (i.e. help)

- use the recv command in the shell and a terminal-software which can 
transfer files using XMODEM to test a script
- scripts can also be placed in a filesystem (i.e. the ROMFS, needs 
rebuild of the binary)

(I have used the source from 
https://github.com/jsnyder/elua/tree/bikeNomad-master and build the 
binary myself for my tests.)

von Chris Z (Guest)

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Does this mean you have done a STM32F4 build of v0.8 that supports 
ROMFS? Would you be willing to post the binary?

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