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von sophie l. (Company: genie consulting) (sophie)

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during this month, i must design an embedded system on a spartran 3E 
,FPGA wich contains a procesor type CPU plasma, i'm looking for some 
i wanted to ask you please if you can suggest me projects? thank you in 

von Lothar M. (lkmiller) (Moderator)

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What is a "processor type  CPU plasma"?
Can you clarify what knowledge and what hardware you have and what you 
have to do with that?

von sophie l. (Company: genie consulting) (sophie)

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the main objective of the project is to design, build and run a complete 
embedde system on FPGAboard, this projet is based on the plasma 
processor which is MIPS processor avaible at opencores.org website aong 
hundreds of other designs {{{{ the plasma CPU is a small synthesizable 
32bit RISC mmicroprocesssor, the plasma cpu executes all MIPS user mode 
instructio except unaligned load and tore operations ,the plasma system 
also contains abidirectionel serial port, interrupt controller and 
hardware timer , ddr sdramcontroller thernet mac,flash interface . this 
cpu core is implemented in vhdl with either 2 or 3 stage pipeline it s 
runnig at 25 MHZ on a XIllinx FPGA
,so it s expected to us (me and 2 other students ) to play a certain 
role in project, HW desiger (design of hardware component,and associated 
low level drivers so as  to grant software access to hardware ), SW 
designer( design of the application , comprising access to the hardware 
module for carrying out certains functionalities  ,System 
integrator(definition ofinterface, simuation and FPGA prototyping)
the basic proposed direction lies in compute acceleration : a number of 
popular algoritm are known as being CPU intensive and implementation 
ofte make use of accelerator (dsp ,gpu)that handle the compute kernel 
while the rest of the application still runs on the processor
the objective also is to achieved the highest possible performance by 
means of using an accelarator onnected on the bus
=====>design of a generic accelerator (hw) attaching the module to the 
MIPS bus (HW)
=====>design of a driver for enabling software access(HW,SW,SY) 
validation through some simple example (SY°)
======>software implementation of the chosen algoritm (SW) ùax 
performance assessment (SW, SY)
=======>design of a didicated compute accelerator based on thegeneric 
one (HW ) implementation (HW, SY) design of the driver ( HW, SW) 
validation (SY) and performance (SY)

our fpga board =>povide numver of analog and digital interfaces PS2, USB 
ethernet multitasking microkernel (OS) with TP/IPstack

I am looking fo an idea of project , i really need it a consistant idea, 
please may you suggest us some ideas
thank you again


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