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von Philip A. (Company: Personal) (appiah212)

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Please i am new to c,i intend to load content of a file into a linked 
list and display the list, please help debug the code, thank you.

 /* a linked list. */

 #include <stdlib.h>
 #include <stdio.h>
 #include <string.h>

 /* The list data structure. */
 struct data {
 char transtype[20];
 char transcount[3];
 char unitcost[3];

 struct data *next;


 /* Define typedefs for the structure */
 /* and a pointer to it. */
 typedef struct data PERSON;
 typedef PERSON *LINK;

 int i;
 char namevar[20];
 FILE *fp;

 int main( void )
 /* Head, new, and current element pointers. */
 LINK head = NULL;
 LINK new = NULL;
 LINK current = NULL;

 if ( (fp = fopen("filename", "rb")) == NULL)
     //fprintf(stderr, “Error opening file %s.”, filename);

 //current = head;
  while (!feof(fp))

       fread(transtype, sizeof(char), 20, fp);
       fread(transcount, sizeof(char),3, fp);
       fread(unitcost, sizeof(char), 3 , fp);

     //  current = current->next;

// Display List
       printf("\n%s", Ttranstype);
       printf("\n%s", Ttranscount);
                   printf("\n%s", Tunitcost);

 return 0;


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