Forum: µC & Digital Electronics STM32 and Programming via Boundary Scan

von Manu (Guest)

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im currently writing on my B.thesis about boundary scan and its 
implementation. I`ve found enough informations about the principle of 
boundary scan and how to test with BS. However, i didnt find a lot 
informations about using BS to program a µC.
Can anyone provide my informations about programming with BS?
How efficient is it?

Another question that has to be answer is if BS is useful for our 
products. We have quite a lot analogue devices such as analogue control 
stages or other complex analogue components.
In some cases, we only have 1-2 digital devices (µC,..) on the PCB.
Is it useful to use BS for such PCBs as an add-on to ICT/AOI?

Thanks in advance guys :)


von Manuel R. (manu123)

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Nobody with any informations about BS?
Any practical examples would be great!

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