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von VHDL_Turtle (Guest)

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I've got a small problem with my current code and would appreciate any 
I tried to find someone with a similar problem, but my google skills 
aren't good enough.
This is basically the problem that I'm facing:

generic_a is a generic natural signal, that have to be positive.
slv_a is defined as a STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(15 DOWNTO 0).

   IF (generic_a <= 15) then
      slv_a(generic_a) <= '1';
   END IF; 

The problem with this code is when generic_a is bigger then 15. Then I 
get an error because the statement above points at a position that is 
out of range, even though the illegal statement never will be executed.

How can I solve this without changing the size of slv_a and without 
limeting the values that generic_a can take?

Thankful for any help,

von Lothar M. (lkmiller) (Moderator)

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> Then I get an error
Where do you get this error? In simulation? Or in real life?
What kind of error do you get?

von VHDL_Turtle (Guest)

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Haha! "In real life" :-P

I get the error when I try to simulate the code in ModelSim and I set 
generic_a to a big number, say 25.

The error that I get is something like "index out of bounds" (don't have 
acces to my code right now so I can't give an exakt error code)

The reason why the code is generating a error is because the middle line 
 slv_a(25) <= '1'; -- Generates a error even though it is never executed 

Which gives an error because slv_a is only defined as 16 bits wide.
How do I remove this problem? Because I still want to be able to 
simulate my code when generic_a is big.


von Lothar M. (lkmiller) (Moderator)

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Try it with a trick and do a modulo operation on generic_a:
   slv_a(generic_a mod 15)

Or because generic_a is a generic and therefore locally constant:
try it with a conditional generate instead of a simple if...

But for better diagnosis there should be more code/information (type 
definitions, used packages, ...).

von VHDL-Turtle (Guest)

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Oh, that little mod-trick is brilliant! That will solve my problem!

Some sort of generate would probably be the best solution to my problem. 
But that mod-trick is alot easier then it is to use the concurrent 
generate-statement inside a sequencial process statement.

Thank you for your help Lothar!



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