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von Tommy L. (Guest)

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Hey girls and guys
I am totally new in Arduino. But I think it’s the best microprocessor to 
start. So for me the beginning went ok. Now I’m planning to build up my 
first own test project instead of trying and rebuild your projects. Now 
I will tell you something about my project and it would be great if I 
would get some feedback of you all.
It should be a training machine for Table Tennis for my little brother 
and I want to test the arduino and some air valves :)
I have a box with around 100 table tennis balls, in 5 different colors. 
They are rolling out the box through one hole. I can detect the color of 
the ball with my cam connected to my computer and programmed with C#. 
This went nearly 100 % :)
Now there is the part where the arduino should come in. The signal of 
the different colors should activate 5 different positioned valves, so 
the ball will be blew in different angels. My thoughts are that the 
balls will always come out in different order, so the 100 balls will be 
played in different combinations. My baby brother must play the balls in 
a box where they are rolling back to the main box. For future I think of 
coloring the box with led lights and another color sensor that he must 
play for example the red ball in the red box, that the ball will go to 
the main box again.... and the colors can change so this will be a 
tricky game for my bro.
Do anybody have some ideas about hardware, I m just starting to search. 
Here some of my open questions:
 How can I create the air pressure? (Compressor which one? not too 
noisy)  What kind of valves can I use for this, and how can I keep the 
noise of the air coming out the nozzles low? What hardware do I need? 
(Arduino, relay, Compressor, Valves, Nozzles, some plastic pipes, energy 
plugs for Arduino and relays, USB-mini plug to computer) What do you 
think? Would be great, if I can get some feedback... Thanks a lot

von bored (Guest)

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why this colours of the balls? And instead of air i would try first 
electromegnets and springs - much easier to control, less noise, ...

So if you place your 5 magnetic shooters and start them randomly by your 
uC - isn't it a good training?


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