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von Eva (Guest)

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I am a little bit confused. How to wire a LCD EA W161B-ENLW. Although I 
have a manual, it is in german, and Im not to good understanding. Please 
someome translate, how I need to wire VEE and pin15, pin16.

Google translate did not help me.

Does pin15 has to be plus 3 and pin16 minus 3 volts?

Thank you for your time!

Here is manual in german:

von Eva (Guest)

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Forgot to mention: This particular information is located on page 2.


von knibbel (Guest)

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Pin 15 and Pin 16 are being used for the LED-Backlight:

Pin 15 is the positive terminal.

Pin 16 is the negative terminal.

Both pins must be connected to a voltage source TOGETHER with a 
resistor, to limit the current for the Backlight. The current should not 
exceed 30mA, but you should try 15mA to 20mA first. The forward-voltage 
for the LED-Backlight is somewhere between 3,0V and 3,6V.

Pin 3 (VEE) is used for the contrast(translation?) of the display and 
should be connected to a slider of a 10k-potentiometer. The ends of this 
potentiometer are to be connected to Ground (VSS) and 5V-Supply (VDD).

Hope this helps ...


von Eva (Guest)

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Thank You very much for the translation. It helped  a lot!



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