Forum: PCB Design & Technology X-Tool standby issue

von Timur Aydin (Guest)

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I have been using the Ersa i-Con soldering station with the X-Tool 
desoldering tool. I am seeing that the X-Tool enters standby immediately 
when I pick up the i-Tool, even though the standby time is set to 10 
minutes. This is really frustrating, because when desoldering parts on 
multi-layer PCB's, and especially when working on ground planes, I need 
to use both the i-Tool and the X-Tool to really heat the location.

The i-Tool has a motion sensor, so it can tell the station to switch 
over, but the X-Tool apparently doesn't have a motion sensor. So when I 
pick up the X-Tool, I need to press the button on the unit to "activate" 
the X-Tool to take it out of standby.

Other than setting the standby temperature equal to the working 
temperature, what can I do to resolve this issue? Is there a software 
upgrade necessary? I hope it can be resolved without a software update, 
because my unit doesn't support software update.

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