Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools Debugging on Arm9 LDMIA instruction is crashes my program execution when its time to return

von wellington m. (Company: Newcastle university) (wellyjinx)

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STMDB and LDMIA are not popping and pushing correctly hence my program 
execution crashes at this instruction

I am using GCC 4.3.2 tools to make an elf file for an Arm9 
"arm926ej-s"(at91sam9261) the example Disassemble is as listed below

    4378:  e5931000   ldr  r1, [r3]
    437c:  e5d12036   ldrb  r2, [r1, #54]
    4380:  e3cc30ff   bic  r3, ip, #255  ; 0xff
    4384:  e152042c   cmp  r2, ip, lsr #8
    .This Code left for as its not neccessary
    43b8:  e8bd8070   pop  {r4, r5, r6, pc}
    43bc:  ebfff066   bl  55c <OS_CPU_SR_Restore>
    43c0:  e5c56000   strb  r6, [r5]
    43c4:  e3a00001   mov  r0, #1  ; 0x1
    43c8:  e8bd8070   pop  {r4, r5, r6, pc}
    43cc:  000219e4   .word  0x000219e4
    43d0:  000219e8   .word  0x000219e

When I debug the image on an ARM at91Sam The program loses control at 
instruction 43c8(pop  {r4, pc}, In the debugger this instruction is 
dissassembled to:
     LDMIA  R13!, {R4, PC}
Which is a thumb instruction, how can i enforce that this is not used if 
it is the source of my problems

von alibaba (Guest)

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could be a stack overflow. If you say execution crashes, what 
exception/interrupt vector is the processor going to?

von wellington m. (Company: Newcastle university) (wellyjinx)

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Thank you for the reply. The program does not point to an interrupt.
its actually the PC that runs wild after loading from an address with no 
valid instruction, I have since found out more, and need help to fix the 
problem with the stack pointer and memory/RAM that is addressable. If i 
move the stack pointer to a lower address than 00027A00 the program 
executes fine for a while until reset and SP goes back to that address 
range. The STMDB/STMFD instruction is unable to write to the address 
that the SP will be pointing to, then on the POP instruction the 
"2A2A2A2A" is loaded as PC

I arm trying to run the uC-OS II that I have compiled on this board, . 
I have made a simple startup file and linker script from the templates 
online, examples smaller size


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