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von Kasimir (Guest)

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I have have a quite simple multichannel design Altium Designer 10 using 
an OPV with two units in one package. Now if I compile a project, I get 
a lot of warnings that only one component of these packages is used. 
Looking closer at the sheets you can see that the channel name is added 
to each component and so I end up with Buffer1_U4:1 on the first 
channel, Buffer2_U4:1 on the second and so on ...
So does anybody have a clue on how to actually tell the compiler that he 
should fill up the packages even so they are contained in other 

I know that a work around would be to place both parts of the component 
in the same sheet. But that can't be the point, as it will mess up the 
part switching and stuff ...

Thx for your attention and please let me know if you have any ideas.

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