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von M Iqbal (Guest)

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I need help regarding using LCD on Spartan 3AN. I made a LCD Driver 
following the manual, but it still didn't work. I would feel grateful if 
somebody can point out the wrong in my code.

Here's the code for the entity


Here's the LCD Driver


Here's the UCF File


Thanks beforehand.

von Duke Scarring (Guest)

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Did you simulate your code with e.g. modelsim? Did you have a testbench?


von Lothar M. (lkmiller) (Moderator)

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Theres a neat part of code for a testbench
Beitrag "Re: Initialisierung LCD-Display"
Its German, but maybe Babelfish is able to translate it... ;-)

> http://pastebin.com/dtM9P5k1
You can attach your code directly here in your post...

von M Iqbal (Guest)

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Thank you all for your responses. I have updated my LCD Driver Code, now 
it can initialized (there's a blinking cursor on the display). But I 
can't seem to write any data into it.
process(Clock) begin
    if rising_edge(Clock) then
      case State is
        when Init =>
          State <= Print;
        when Print =>
          if Busy /= '1' then
            State <= Printb;
            Data <= "00110000";
            Write_Now <= '1';
          end if;
        when Printb =>
          Write_Now <= '0';
          State <= Idle;
        when Idle =>
          State <= Finish;
        when Finish =>
      end case;
    end if;
  end process;

I just want to write a simple '0', but the display didn't change. Thanks 

von Lothar M. (lkmiller) (Moderator)

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To keep things short:
You MUST verify your code with a testbench. And at least have a close 
look at the waveforms on the simulator, and check out wether the timing 
fits the LCD or not...

And in your case this is the most easy thing to do:
just generate a clock and apply it to the LCD module.


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