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von Ingo Heffe (Guest)

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during first experiments with an Atmega1280 (powered with 5V at 16Mhz) I 
encountered one problem with the ADC-interrupt, although I followed the 
specification :
The interrupt vector is not called although I enabled ADC functionality, 
it's interrupt and the global interrupt, additionally I set the 
ADSC-flag to
initiate the conversion, register settings:

DIDR0 = 0xFF ;    -> digital inputs disabled
DIDR2 = 0xFF ;    -> digital inputs disabled
ADCSRA = 0x8F;    -> ADEN, ADIE , prescaler 128, ADSC set at conversion 
ADCSRB = 0 ;
ADMUX = 0 ;       -> AREF used

Did I miss any specification detail ?
It would be very helpful if someone could give me a hint what might be 
the cause for this.

von Dadieter (Guest)

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There is no "sei();"...only in your post or in your program too?

von Ingo Heffe (Guest)

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The sei() is in my main init function.

von Julian R. (tuefftler)

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Please post your full code!
Is the ADC-Flag set? Can you use other intrrupts?


von Hubert G. (hubertg)

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You don´t start ADC.
A better script is:
ADCSRA = (1<<ADEN)|(1<<ADSC)|(1<<ADIE)|(1<<ADPS2)|(1<<ADPS1)|(1<<ADPS0);

von Ingo Heffe (Guest)

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Finally the root cause could be identified as a RAM mapping problem 
allocating the used application's RAM into the extended register 
This issue is solved now just by adding the following options to the 
-Wl,-Map=$(TARGET).map -Wl,-Tdata,0x800200 -o $@ $(OBJS).


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