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von sandy xiong (Guest)

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CoIDE is a new, free and highly-integrated software development 
environment for ARM cortex M3 and M0 based microcontrollers, which 
includes all the tools necessary to develop high-quality software 
solutions in a timely and cost effective manner. It integrates CoBuilder 
and CoDebugger for simplicity and ease of use.

Free to use
Full functional IDE
Component-oriented development platform
Internet-based, efficient integration of network resources
Integrates CoOS
Peripheral registers

Supported Device:
Chip from Atmel, Energy Micro, TI, NXP, Nuvoton, ST
Supported Adapter:
Colink, CoLinkEx, Nulink, Stellaris-ICDI, Olimex-OpenOCD, KT-Link, NGX, 

The Current Version: 1.2.4
For detail information, you can visit: www.coocox.org

von anny l. (Company: coocox) (coocox)

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CooCox have release CoIARPlugin V1.2.1, supported new adapters: NGX, 
PicoJTAG and KT-Link, supported new chips: ST: STM32F100series, 
STM32F101series, STM32F105series, Energy Micros: EFM32G2xx series, NXP: 

For detail information, you can visit http://www.coocox.org

von tomasrexliu (Guest)

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lpc1114 can not coiarplugin-1.2.2 use iar arm rdi driver debug

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