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von new k. (Company: hobby) (zb34111)

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Dear Folks,

Under tight budget constraint, I have to find a  dev platform that is 
not chip specific and could support debugging and programming a variety 
of ARM processors. But realized that it's a quite daunting task for me, 
for I don't have much knowledge in this field.  So I am in great
need of your help.

I do have read some online tutorials on open
source dev tools for embedded system.

Here is what I have found so far, so please correct me if I am wrong:
(1) Eclipse provide general IDE
(2) c/c++ cdt is eclipse addon for C/C++ debugging in Eclipse IDE
(3) GNUARM c/c++ compiler for arm target.
(4) JTAG adapter for real time target board debugging and programming, 
Olimex has openOCD based adapter hardware.

Here is my questions:

(a) is my list complete, did I miss anything?
(b) is GNUARM c/c++ complier chip specific, or arm core specific.
(c) is Olimex JTAG adapter with OPENOCD software chip specific, or arm 
core specific.

Maybe both GNUARM C/C++ tool and Olimex tool support different 
processors, but could anyone
tell me what kind of processor/armcore they support what they don't.

(4) FreeRTOS seems to be a opensource RTOS that support a variety of 
chips, but I don't know if
it would work with the tool set I listed above, what header file and 
other fine adjustment I would need
to make it work.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.

bin -- new kid on the block

von Oliver (Guest)

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For all tools you have listed and for all questions you have asked 
eveything you ever want to know can be easily found spending less than 
30 Minutes on a basic internet search.

But none of the tools you have listed can be used, especially by a new 
kid on the block, without spending not hours, but days in collecting all 
required information from the net.

If you plan to start programming AMR procerssors you better start to 
learn how to search and find information in the net on your own.

To give you some start, here is an answer to your question:

All tools you have listed can be used with almoust any AMR-core-based 
processor. For details please check the documentation.

For Eclipse I recommend to use the pre-bundled version for 
C/C++-programmers, which already incudes the CDT-package, and the 


von new k. (Company: hobby) (zb34111)

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Thank you very much for giving me a starting point.

von Bruce G. (Company: Wadia) (papabravo)

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There is only one thing I would add.

When it comes to programming the flash memory on an embedded ARM core 
you may have to fork over some real money.  Even though GDB and the free 
tools may get your program debugged, pay close attention to where your 
program is located during debugging {FLASH or RAM} and can you transfer 
your program into flash via some method and have it work as you expect.

Pay attention to the linker script.  Where does it locate things.  Do 
you understand what it is doing and more importantly why?  Can you 
modify a linker script to meet your needs?  This is why it will take you 
some time to get "up and running".

von new k. (Company: hobby) (zb34111)

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Thanks for the helpful comments.


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